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What is Haemophilia?
Haemophilia is a blood clotting disorder in which one of the essential clotting factors is deficient.  Haemophilia A is the most common form and is due to the deficiency of factor VIII.  Haemophilia B is due to the deficiency of factor IX.
Bleeding is mostly internal.  The deficiency in clotting factor produces a wide range of bleeding episodes, usually into the joints or muscles.  These bleeding episodes, or "bleeds", may occur spontaneously, or as a result of trauma or injury.  The bleeding is stopped by infusion of the appropriate clotting factor by intravenous injection.  If internal bleeding is not quickly stopped with treatment, it will result in pain and swelling.  Over a period of time bleeding into joints and muscles can cause permanent damage such as arthritis, chronic pain and joint damage requiring surgery.
What is von Willebrand Disorder?
vWD is a bleeding disorder in which people do not have enough of a protein called von Willebrand factor in their blood or the von Willebrand factor does not work properly due to these problems, it takes longer for bleeding episodes to stop.
vWD is common but not well known.  Symptoms may include frequent nose and gum bleeds, bleeding after dental surgery, easy bruising, heavy menstrual periods or severe bleeding after trauma or surgery.  In some cases, bleeding occurs into joints and muscles.