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Gavin Finkelstein, President 

Hi, I'm Gavin Finkelstein, I have severe haemophilia A and hepatitis C. I joined the HFWA Committee in 1995 and since then have become more and more involved in haemophilia issues in WA and around Australia. I have found joining HFWA to be a worthwhile experience, meeting some inspirational people and having the opportunity to discuss and share the many issues that haemophilia brings to our lives. It is up to us as a community to ensure that kids today and in the future receive the latest and best treatment that is available to enable them to achieve the best quality of life without haemophilia being an issue.

Cheryl Ellis, Vice President

Hi everyone, my name is Cheryl Ellis and I have been a HFWA committee member since 2005. I am a carrier and have mild haemophilia A, and have two boys who both have severe haemophilia A. I am a theatre trained registered nurse and my husband Darren and I run our own business building swimming pools. I believe it is important to keep up to date with information relevant to our community; whether it is to do with advances in treatments, products and services available to us to make our lives easier, or the rights of our members to live full and happy lives.

Robert Butler, Treasurer

I am Robert Butler and I am Treasurer of the Haemophilia Foundation of WA. I am an Accountant in Private Practice in Balcatta, my wife's name is Sheryl and she is a Family Law Solicitor, (if anyone needs one). We have two children, Marc, who is a very good Financial Planner, and Claire, who is a Geologist. We have been members of HFWA for about 25 years. Initially our interest/involvement was as parents of a haemophilia sufferer, wanting knowledge and peer support. As the foundation, (Society in earlier days), is always working for the benefits of all our members, it always needs people who can help it carry out its functions and as an accountant I felt I could help by doing the accounts, and that has been an ongoing involvement for me.

Shane Meotti, Committee Secretary

My name is Shane Meotti and I have served on the HFWA Management Committee since 2010. My son Zavier has severe Haemophilia A and together with my wife Alannah and daughter Khaleela we've been part of the HFWA community since moving to Perth in the late 1990's after Zavier was diagnosed. I work at Curtin University in a Project Management role and I have a background in IT Management and Hospitality. The time I have spent on the committee has been very rewarding and Zavier's journey with Haemophilia has certainly been made easier by the tremendous work of the State and National Foundations and the support of so many in our community.

Susie Couper

My name is Susie Couper, my son Justin has severe von Willebrands (type 3) and I have von Willebrands type 1. I work at Bankwest in Knowledge Management - keeping policies and procedures on the straight and narrow for our regulators. Justin's diagnosis resulted in a rapid introduction to the previously unknown world of bleeding disorders. I have always found HFWA to be passionate, supportive and dedicated to improving the well being of the bleeding disorder community. I am grateful for the continual learning opportunities that being involved in the foundation gives me, with plenty of robust conversations in our committee meetings . I have a special interest in inclusion, having seen the many benefits of being involved in our many peer activities.

Dale Spencer

Hello everybody my name is Dale Spencer. I have severe Haemophilia A and I am one of the representatives on the HFWA committee, Youth Delegate and Youth Mentor. I've grown up in metro Perth my whole life, have lived as far North as Joondalup and as far South as Byford, although I'm currently residing where I spent most of my childhood; in Forrestfield. I'm proud father to two beautiful children Ebony-Rose (7) and Braxton (4), as far as I'm aware my daughter is a carrier of the Haemophilia gene. I am shortly moving into my third year of my apprenticeship as an Industrial Electrician and work for a great company based in Landsdale. I was always heavily involved in my sport and played (very competitive) basketball up until the age of 18, when my joints started telling me it was time to hang up the boots for good. Throughout my childhood I grew up involved in the HFWA community and I was always welcomed with open arms at all events/ camps. Throughout my early teen years I took some time away from the community to work on myself and decided to join the now defunct HFA Youth Committee that I eventually became co chair of. A couple of years ago Brian and Pam Wall and myself decided to start up a small Youth Group, which to this day has became one of the most successful Youth Groups. Being involved with HFWA from a very young age has really made me appreciative everything the foundation stands for and I'm proud to step up to the plate and put back in what the foundation has given me.

Michelle Dinsdale

Hi my name is Michelle Dinsdale, I'm married to Mark and we have three sons, Sam aged 25 and fraternal twins John and Michael aged 22. Sam and John are affected with severe Haemophilia A.
Quite a few years ago I was the HFWA Office and Committee Secretary, while the kids were young and still needed me to be around to do school drop offs and pick ups and sporting commitments etc. It worked well for me to be a part of the HFWA organisation way back then. However now after a long break I have decided to re-join the Committee to help out wherever I can. I am looking for-ward to meeting new and old community members at upcoming events.

Paul Keogh

Hi I'm Paul Keogh and over the many years attending HFWA events such as camps, Christmas parties and other social events, I have witnessed the great work and contribution from other parents, and without these wonderful people dedicating their time and effort, these events simply wouldn’t happen. It has been roughly 8 years since we attended our first camp and we have watched the parents that so wonderfully welcomed us into this new community continue to support the community as their children have grown up and become young adults. While at the conference, I recognised that there is very limited representation on the HFWA committee when it came to Parents like my wife Lena and myself with children aged below 10.
Wanting to do my part, I have always wanted to help HFWA although my career for the past 17 years in FIFO work has not allowed me the time. I am happy to say I have recently joined the HFWA committee as my career has transitioned into a more permanent role in Perth. I am keen to assist where possible and give back to the HFWA community and do my part making this journey easier for others as others have done for my family. For me it is the dedication of these people that make HFWA what it is.

MEl Gould

Hi I'm Mel and most of you know me as I worked in the office for a number of years, then had a hiatus and then like a bad smell came back for a while. Well, you still can't get rid of me! and I have joined the Committee. As most of you know, I have worked in the not-for-profit sector for a long time and hope to bring my knowledge with me. I also like to be involved in the community and I can't think of a better group of folk to give my time to. So I hope you are happy to have me, and I look forward to seeing you all at future events.

Belinda Broughton

Hi everyone my name is Belinda and I have severe factor 10 deficiency. I grew up in Kalgoorlie-Boulder with my parents and two brothers. A few years ago I joined the HFWA committee and then shorty after moved to Sydney for some time. Recently I moved back to Perth after realising how much I had missed my friends and family. Now that I am settled back in Perth again, I have decided to re-join the committee. I am currently working at a dental practice in Burswood and love it. I work with a great team and enjoy what I am doing. I love to live an active lifestyle and I am always looking for new hobbies I can start up. Growing up in a country town did mean I did not have the support from other haemophiliacs to lean on. I had never actually met any other bleeders until I went to my first camp in Perth. I was lucky enough to meet some great people from camp which inspired me to do more for the bleeding community. I am really excited to keep the bleeding community going and give my support however I can. I look forward to see some old and new faces.