Blokes & Bridges Walks for Men's Health Week

14 Jun -

Time: 05/21/2023
Thursday 15 June 7.30am - 9.30am
Canning Bridge Walk (South)
7 kilometre walk around the Canning Bridge and Mount Henry Bridge Loop, Mount Pleasant.

Wednesday 14 June 7.30am - 9.30am
Lake Goollelal Walk (North)
5 kilometre walk around Lake Goollelal, departing off Wanneroo Road, Kingsley.

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The walks feature a 5km walk at Lake Goollelal and a 7km walk in Mount Pleasant.

The walking routes include 2-3 Stop Points to allow time for a water break, snack break and the option to engage with a prompting question to start conversations centred around men’s health.
While the event itself will be focused on Men’s Health Week topics, all are welcome, and we encourage you to invite friends, family members, colleagues, and anyone you believe would enjoy a morning of gentle exercise and insightful conversation.

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