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On the move with haemophiliaON THE MOVE WITH HAEMOPHILIA - 2018

An education resource for parents, teachers and coaches on sport and exercise in young people with haemophilia. Includes information on rehabilitation after a bleed and participation in school activities.

Developed by InVIVO Academy in collaboration with HFA and Haemophilia Foundation of New Zealand

On the Move with Haemophilia interactive videos - Apologies: the platform for these videos is no longer supported. We are currently working on another option to house them.

Download On the Move with Haemophilia toolkit PDF 1.8MB

On the Move with Haemophilia was supported by Pfizer's Independent Grants for Learning & Change through an independent medical education grant.

Sport and exercise for girls and young women with bleeding disordersSPORT AND EXERCISE FOR GIRLS AND YOUNG WOMEN WITH BLEEDING DISORDERS - MAY 2021 

A fact sheet answering common questions about sport and exercise:
How can I best participate?
What types of sport or exercise should I do?
How can I manage my periods?
What about injuries?
What should I tell my coach or club?

Download the fact sheet PDF 1.6MB

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Date last reviewed: 20 July 2021