Perth Children's Hospital

Haemophilia Treatment Centre Team

  • Consultant Haematologist - Dr Tina Carter
  • Clinical Nurse Consultant - 
  • Clinical Nurse - Natalie Gamble-Williams
  • Social Worker - Charlotte Bradley-Peni
  • Physiotherapist - Ali Morris
  • Consultant Rheumatologist - Dr Pavla Walsh
  • WA ABDR Data Manager - Marina Goruppi


The Paediatric Haemophilia and Bleeding Disorders Clinic is held on Ward ....... on the first Tuesday of each month.  Dates are subject to change around public holidays.

Following diagnosis your appointments are sent via mail.  Please ensure that your details are up to date to avoid missing appointments.  You will be assigned appointment times relevant to your condition.

If you are travelling from Country WA, please see travel and accommodation supplement information.


During 2016 the Haemophilia Treatment Team adopted a new approach to the emergency procedures process as outlined in the November 2016 Contact Newsletter by Head of Oncology and Haematology Department Consultant Haematologist Nick Gottardo.

Should the child become unwell or requires a medical review, call the haemophilia nurse on:

  • 0466 318 286 Monday to Thursday 8:30am to 4:30pm, or
  • 0410 717 816 during after hours
  • The nurse will advise you if you need to be seen immediately or can be booked into an outpatient appointment
  • If the child needs to be seen urgently you will be advised to present at the Perth Children's Hospital Emergency Department.  Make Sure you bring the Child's ABDR card and present it to the staff upon arrival.  This card will ensure that your child is seen promptly by the medical team and the specialist Haematology care is given.

It is vital if you are home and your child requires emergency care (for example, fitting, having breathing difficulties, serious injury or is unresponsive), call 000 immediately and request an ambulance.

For all non-urgent queries such as appointment changes, please call 9340 8682.

Consent to Treatment

Under the Commonwealth Family Law Act 1975 responsibility for any children who are under 18 years of age rests with parents and legal guardians.

For detailed information pertaining to consent to treatment, please visit the WA Health Consent to Treatment Policy.

Child and Adolescent Health Service Family Handbook

Child and Adolescent Health Service Customer Service Charter

Date last reviewed: 05/03/2019